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Digital Tensile Testing Machine

This tester was ergonomically designed to provide a compact, low-cost, functional unit which is quick and easy to operate. It gives extremely high accuracy and yet is robust enough for routine quality control testing. The twin column design permits all-round access to the specimen and grips. ETS Electronic Tensile Tester is suitable for testing tensile strength and elongation of various materials such as metal rubber, plastic, leather, asbestos, PVC, paper, textile, Wire/Cable, plywood/wood, ceramics, rexins etc. in conformity with standards like ISS, BSS, ASTM, DIN or ISO. Compression and Bending tests can also be conducted on the machine with the use of special test attachments.

Digital Tensile Testing Machine -Electro-Mechanical

The load measurement system utilizes a four-figure peak picking digital voltmeter which displays maximum load until reset. The use of digital road outs for load and extension (optional) eliminates the high risk of error involved when interpolating from graphs, dials and scales. The elongation is read from a scale graduated in millimeter. The tester can also be provided with optional panel for obtaining printout of test data.

The motive power (drive system) is provided by a D.C. shunt wound motor for constant torque characteristics which is coupled to a lubrication-sealed-forlife gear unit.

Straining speed (cross-head speed) is infinitely variable by means of a calibrated speed control knob from 0 to 200 mm/min. Return to original setting is at full speed. (This machine having one straining speed may be supplied at a reduced price)

The front panel control consists of STRAIN, STOP AND RETURN push buttons, MAINS lamp, ZERO button and PEAK-HOLD/NORMALswitch.

An adjustable upper limit setting trip enable users to preset specimen length and a lower adjustable trip prevents any crosshead overtravel.

The basic frame allows a total jaw separation of 600 mm. However, extended frame having jaw separation upto 1000mm may be supplied at additional cost.

The machine is operated on 230-240 or 415-440 volts. 1or 3-ph, 50 c/s. Mains. A comprehensive range of grips, attachments/fixtures, cutting dies are available to suit the testing needs of many different industries.

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