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Universal Testing Machines (UTM)

A Universal Testing Machine also known as a materials testing machine and can be used to test the tensile and compressive properties of materials. This type of machines are called Universal Testing Machine because it can perform all the tests like compression, bending, tension etc to examine the material in all mechanical properties. These machines generally have two columns but single column types are also available. Load cells and extensometers measure the key parameters of force and deformation which can also be presented in graphical mode in case of computer operated machines.. These machines are widely used and would be found in almost all materials testing laboratory.

UNIVERSAL TESTING MACHINES can be of different types based output required like Computer operated Universal Testing Machine and Digitally operated Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machines can be further classified to Electro-mechanical type and Electro-hydraulic.

Universal Testing Machines are also be categorized based on the number of column used in the machine, like:
1. Single Column Universal Testing Machines
2. Double / Dual Column Universal Testing Machines
3. Four Column Universal Testing Machines

ETS offer all such type Universal Testing Machines which are used to conduct various tests on a multitude of materials like metal, rubber, plastic, leather, asbestos, PVC, paper, textile, wire, plywood, ceramics, resins etc.

ETS has manufactured Universal Test Machine for critical uses.

For Example ETS has manufactured and exported Universal Testing Machine for the purpose of testing Human Teeth. This Universal Testing Machine is presently is in use in Europe.

Another example ETS Universal Testing Machine is used by biggest cigarette company for the purpose of testing of filter of cigarette.

ETS Universal Testing Machines also are in use in Indian Army and Atomic Research Centers.

ETS request you just to send your requirement and our technical team will get in touch to give you the best possible solution of Universal Testing Machines.

Computerized Universal Testing Machines
Universal testing machines which are computer operated are called Computerized Universal Testing Machines. We can manufacture Universal testing Machines of any capacity as required by you. Our Universal Testing Machines can give you the output as required by you i.e. the universal testing machines are designed to print the data in the format you want and as well as to store the same date for future.
Digital Universal Testing Machines
Durable and functional, our wide range of digital universal testing machines includes digital universal testing machines
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